Routine Builder by Georgia Green

Routine Builder

Building a healthy routine is as easy as making a plan and sticking to it. Use our Routine Builder to stay on track and celebrate your wins!

Routine Builder - Habit Tracker

The best way to a transformed life is ACTION. It's not ONE big thing. It's small things over and over. 

 Taking one day at a time to a new you!
So often when we decide to create a new habit, jump into a new routine, or stop doing something, we beat ourselves up every time we fail rather than seeing the progress we’ve made. Behavior change takes time. You’ll create forward momentum. You’ll fall back. You’ll step forward again. 
It’ll become easier over time until one day you realize it’s just so natural to you. 
This tool can help you make that process easier and show you how far you’ve come. It only takes one month. What can you create in 30 days?

 Here's how it works:
  1. Determine your desired daily routine. This should be step by step in the order you want to do things. List those things in the HABIT column.
    • Personal example: Make bed, drink water, workout, read.
    • Work example: Top 3 most important tasks done, check emails, project work.
  2. After you have your routine listed out in order of how you want to do them, then just get going. There are 31 columns for 31 days. So go to day 1. And work your way down the list. Check it off when you do it. And keep going. 
  3. At the end of the day, add up the number of Xs you have in the column for that day out of the total number of habits you have listed. 
    • Example: Say you have 10 habits listed, and you completed 7 of them, then your total daily wins would say 7/10.
Watch how over time your wins increase or stay consistent. Celebrate your progress. 

If you find yourself declining, or not staying consistent, reach out to the BEU Community group to ask for help.

 *** Share your progress *** post photos of your tracker and tag @BEUrevolution on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. 
 >>HINT>> we may be doing prizes for these. wink.
 ** grab an accountabilibuddy ** to support your progress. Join our community if you haven't already. Send us an email and we'll tell you how to get connected.

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